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Parker Pools Design Process

A Parker Pool design specialist will come out to your building site, review and measure the proposed location of your backyard pool project and will discuss what type of pool you are wanting - be it a sport-play pool, lap pool or any special purpose pool. Then we will review the various pool shapes - do you want a random free form, straight line and angular or a combination. Before the final design stage actually begins, other items discussed would include types and styles of decking, perimeter coping, cleaning systems, water features, sanitizers & lighting etc.

One of the initial steps of course begins by consulting with the homeowner on a budget - which once established along with the owners' desired features and needs being addressed, Parker Pools will start by creating a design.The specialist will computerize a custom pool design to meet your specifications. The preliminary plan for the pool and/or pool & spa project will then be reviewed by you for any design changes or modifications.

Parker Pools Construction Process

Parker Pools will handle all the myriad details involved with constructing a pool or spa whether it is a simple swimming pool or a large, complex pool & spa - from inception and design, to permits. Some of the many, many items that we will manage for you are layout & stakeout, excavation, forming and steel work, electrical and plumbing, gunite or vinyl liner design, decking, tile & coping, masonry & stone, plaster, punch list and final check out.

Parker Pools Service Process

At Parker Pools, we believe in continued support & service for our clients. Once we finish building your pool, our in-house service department is available to handle any warranty work that may be required as well as old pool renovations.

Please contact us for references, bid proposals or to arrange a visit to one of our existing customer's pools. Let us help YOU build your dream.
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